5 gallon fish bowl

5 gallon fish bowl aquariums are quite small but with careful selection you can choose fish that are suitable. Take a look at what other people are keeping to get a feel for what you may like. Bellow I will post an interesting video that will show the range of fish that can be kept in you 5 gallon aquarium.

Some refer to this type of fish tank an being nano especially in marine setups this small. If you have not yet got your tank please visit our store please take a look at the cheap 10 gallon aquariums for sale currently.

Aquarium As A Part Of The Decoration

5-gallon fish bowl glass

Having a nice aquarium at home with colorful, exotic fishes can make the home environment much cosier and nice. Once you have decided what fishes you like and you start you should be aware that an aquarium at home requires constant cares. Which means that besides feeding its inhabitants, you have to clean their home, as well. You see fishes are small, beautiful creatures and they, unlike people, can not clean their home, or at least the way they are doing it takes more time, therefore they need a little bit assistance.

Easy Cleaning

Here are the steps that you have to follow once you start cleaning your 5 gallon fish bowl. If you have one of those really aquariums, maybe you should look for an assistance offered by some of the cleaners in Melbourne area. Firstly, monitor the small creatures, see if some of them are showing signs of illness or stress. If you notice such symptoms, you probably should separate them from the healthy ones and contact the pet store you bought them from.

Unplug the equipment and wait a few minutes before you proceed to siphon water out. In that time you can clean algae from the glass, so it could be siphoned out along with the water. Remember, when scraping use only products that are approved for scraping of aquarium so you don’t scratch or break the 5 gallon fish bowl glass.

Use gravel cleaner when siphoning the water out and remember the dirt stays at the bottom so never siphon water of the surface of the aquarium. By using a gravel siphon you will be able to lift dirt from the bottom without taking out fishes or parts of the equipment that lay at the bottom of your aquarium.

To prevent contamination use especially designated for that purpose container when siphon out. Take out the equipment like the heater and the thermometer and wash them good. After that start with the refilling of the 5 gallon fish bowl aquarium. I suggest you to do that with tap water, one bucket at a time. Pour slowly, so you can cause less stress possible.

True Colours

After all the work is done, you can enjoy your fishes again. And I’m pretty sure they will be much happier too. And you will be able to see their beauty in its true colors. That is one of the type of cleaning that doesn’t cost much time and efforts, unlike when you have to clean the house at the end of lease contract.

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